Mythos Greek Restaurants for Sinnamon PR

Food, Products / Commercial

I love working with the team at Sinnamon PR and this time was no different…creating vibrant social media images for the Mythos restaurant group.

Two firsts…

Products / Commercial

First post for me from the WordPress app but more exciting, first shots from the softbox I made today. This lets me create those studio-type shots for small to medium products. A bigger one is in the pipeline :-)

First sample shots below. For a behind-the-scenes peek: these were shot on my Canon 70D, transferred via the camera’s built-in wifi to my iPhone using the EOS Remote app then edited using the Lightroom app (which incidentally synchronizes all the edits I make on my phone to my MacBook too). The pics were then exported and watermarked using the iWatermark+ app and ready for posting. Crazy!

From a technical point-of-view I only used two side lights here as I bought the wrong bulb for my overhead light. Once that’s sorted I expect even better lighting and more options for those tricky reflective surfaces!

Devin Lester Photography - Products in studio

Devin Lester Photography - Products in studio  Devin Lester Photography - Products in studio  Devin Lester Photography - Products in studio

These were shot on pretty long exposures ranging from 1/4s to 2s so a tripod was essential. The slow shutter speeds allow for the rather narrow apertures needed to get the whole item in focus.

So if you’re in need of any product photography for your blog/website please let me know!